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"The first time I heard Anastasia's music, I knew it was a great fit for Solo Piano & New Age radio. I've heard hundreds of solo piano CD's but nothing quite like this. Anastasia's music is a perfect balance of Classical and New Age. Her playing is filled with emotion and easy on the ears. I can't wait for the world to embrace and enjoy her music for years to come."

~ Gary Farr, 

"Songs of the Soul is not just another solo piano creation, this is an album that truly does have soul, it also has passion and tenderness, the performances are all sublime and played with such intelligence, but also with great flair. Songs of the Soul by Anastasia is a rare offering of thoughtful and moving piano compositions that touch the heart with every note played."

~ Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio; Read full review

"A four-word version of my review would be: I love this album! Songs of the Soul began as an effort to create an album “representative of who I as a composer could be” and I truly believe that this album is all of that and more. Love, compassion, fear, joy and a variety of other moods and emotions are expressed in this music, from one soul to another. Very highly recommended!"

~ Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano; Read full review


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